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LegalAstra NCL

Legal Astra NCL

Legal Astra, India's most used legal application has now launched its much awaited application for Insolvency professionals, Advocates & Corporates to manage their NCLT & NCLAT cases.


Why you should use Legal Astra NCL app? For Personalised informations, To view the Cause list, Display board, Interim orders, Final orders, Ibbi orders, Calendar, RP Invites, News etc., and all of the these are distilled to the companies or cases you have subscribed to.


LegalAstra NCL App is a smart phone / desktop app which is widely used by Insolvency Professionals, Advocates, CAs, Financial and Operational Creditors, Financial Consultants & Corporate companies to manage their NCLT & NCLAT cases.

  • Smart Search
    • When you search or subscribe to companies in our app, we provide Cause list alerts and Orders with the same spelling, and furthermore, sometimes, when the spelling mistakes happens in the court systems, our app will do the necessary changes on its own, saving you the trouble of going over spelling errors.
  • Individually Research Cases
    • Legal Astra app enables you to search and research all the Interim orders, Final orders, IBBI orders other than the companies you have subscribed.
  • Manage your Cases
    • Legal Astra “Calendar’ helps you to track and manage your cases. Create “Tasks” reminders and get notified on time.
  • Smart information retrieval
    • We give you condensed important information (like RPs, Sections) from those documents. That is, you don't need to open and look at the entire Order's document to find who the assigned RP is, or which section this case comes under, we provide you with all of this information and much more.
  • Relevant News and Alerts
    • We provide you with any news from major news sources relevant to NCLT and any companies or persons you have subscribed too.
  • Track All Your NCLT Cases
    • Add your cases to the app and manage them on the go. Get a personalized causelist with court and item numbers Be up to date with real-time case hearings updates and your very own personalized Display Board.



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